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there is going to be some profit-taking. i don't really believe that it is going to be all that severe. but why wouldn't you want to take some money off the table at the end of the year and maybe start over a little bit? so i wouldn't be surprised if we do see just a slight sell-off really just due to maybe some of the funds in retail, taking profits off the table. > > and what are traders thinking about 2013, scott? > > you know, it is all about the economy at this point. if we can continue, especially in the housing market, if we can continue seeing, not a booming housing market, but the upswing that we saw toward the last quarter of the year, then i think that is going to be the lead of the market. i don't think people think, or traders on the floor think that we are going to see a big 15, 20% move in the s&p upward this year. but i think what is going to be the mantra, the theme of these guys, is we are going to see a grind, maybe an 8-10% appreciation throughout the year. keep this in mind: 1600 is not that far away, and that is a number a lot of guys are looking at. > > what about money m
's number ten. >> boats don't have seat belts and air bags for obvious reasons. you don't want to be trapped in a boat if it flips over, but in this case you almost wish you had them. this video is exclusive from lake tv. this is lake ozark, missouri. seven people were cruising around in a fountain speedboat when they came across an extra large wake. driver does his best to navigate it. >> wow! >> a whole group of people gets completely slams from side to side. you see the driver especially get flung to the deck of the boat. >> did anybody fall off? >> nobody fell off. five of the seven people were taken to the hospital for minor to moderate injuries. >> this was all from a wake created by another boat on the lake? >> just the way he hit the wake the angle or speed he did. it's incredible to see these people get toss around so quickly. >>f you see to the left of the driver, looks calm and peaceful. then it wasike bodythe driver j. >> they are like rag dolls. >> that girl in the purple bikini really gets the brunt of it. she hits her head on the side of the boat and her glasses go flying. >>
dance for his friends. >> i don't know why he's dancing on the bonfire. >> but we do know why that was a really bad idea. >>> and the story behind a woman's emotional homecoming. ♪ how a flash mob brought joy to her world. >>> four grinches tried to steal the christmas of an oklahoma city family. it was all caught on surveillance camera. it all started with the blue sedan that you see crossing in front of their house. the family later learned this blue sedan was basically casing the joint. there were four people inside of this car. through this camera you can see one of the guys breaking in the back door. you can see mr. saggy pants here taking high-priced items. they also stole a gun from inside the house. but watch what they do next. they go under the whalen family christmas tree, and they start ripping open the presents. beyond that, they then throw the christmas tree down on the ground, making a mess. and then they flee from the house. >> they flee like rats. >> we think they ran away because they heard the noise of the family coming back in. then the heartbreaking part,
. >> why -- why -- why mess with a manhole cover? >> i don't know. what's interesting to me, when i think of a manhole cover i think of like methane gas and gases coming out of there, but i wouldn't put a flame or whatever she put on top of it, because it looked like before it exploded, it looked like it seared up and then, boom, and she is tossed over there by that car. you could see her laying on the ground. >> did this kill her? >> it did not kill her. she was hospitalized. she survived. >> don't mess with manhole covers. >> never mind don't meps with manhole covers. somebody ought to figure out why there's so much explosive material underground. sewers aren't supposed to be a bomb under our feet. i like to think our waste is being removed from where i last put it. >>> this is video of shoppers at the ardent fair mall running for cover. it happened wednesday afternoon. shoppers thought they heard gunshots coming from a fight in the mall's food court. the crowd started running in a panic. police say there was no shooting and no one with a gun, but there was a fight involving about 20 pe
, freaking them out when they don't expect it. >> they don't expect frosty to move around. >> at one point the cameraman says, can you fix this for me? >> they still are surprised. i love this couple. tells you a lot about their relationship. >> bailed on her, left her to the snowman. >> pushed her toward it. >> protect your woman. >> he's not going to take a bullet for you, honey. i love this one in slow motion. >> i love when this little kid comes up to him. >> he was nice to the little guy. >> see, this is why we like rich. >> just be nice to the little ones. >> need to send a belated christmas gift? we have just the thing. >> hello and welcome to fart by mail. >> how you can let one rip miles away. >> home alone doggie style. >> i love these fun toys that come out once a year. >> see what the did you get chips for the party? nope. cheese plate? cheese plate...nope. i made something better. ♪ you used the oven? boom ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layer
p >>> hell>>> hello, ev troutman. we find we find the best videos so you don't have to. let's get started. "right this minute." >>> it's a dangerous combination. a man, a dog and -- >> thin ice. >> see what it took to pull off one dicey rescue. >>> new video as a car is trapped by a tornado. >> in front of the car is a fallen tree and behind the car is a fallen tree. >> hear about the terrifying odyssey of the family inside. >> we got caught up in the middle and the car swirled, literally swirled. >>> a talented musical theater student is granted -- >> a stalking order against her parents. >> hear what led to the unusual ruling. >> that just seems odd! >> and some remote control plane videos catch the eye of -- >> the prince of dubai. >> how it earned one man a trip with all the royal treatment. >>> we are all very aware of the dangers of thin ice, but dogs don't know the difference. this video is from wxyz and huron river where it meets lake erie. we've got a dog in distress. jim swayze is the owner of this dog and jim takes his four hounds out for a walk every day. this day one
safer i don't mind going slow. >> it's my first time in the snow. i'm a excited and scared i might slip and hit something. >> reporter: crews at times put a stop on traffic. >> i don't mind the snow, we've been on the road since 6:00 this morning and it's supposed to only take us 10 hours to get to reno. >> reporter: we've been stuck for an hour 1-1/2 or so. kind of sucks but oh well, i have to get home and work tomorrow. >> it's kind of scary but yet you know it's different, it's a white christmas for us. something different for us. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a wedding ring lost in the sierra snow has been found. but now the question is how to find the owner. a snow chain installer working on interstate 80 found the ring in the snow. douglas benedeti says he saw a man looking for the ring off the shoulder of the roadway. the man told benedeti had lost his ring and decided to look for it. he looked for it with his led light. >> i scooped it up and looked at it. once i saw lisa's name i knew i had the right ring. >>> it's been a rainy day over all. the heavy stuff later on in
this steep side. >> i don't know if it was the high tide that caused the accident. we're trying to get information out to the public, know your tides, know your limits and go out there with a good plan. >> reporter: investigators say at least one other person was with the victims and was able to get out of the surf and call 911. it's not clear how long they were in the water. around the same time of the emergency we heard from surfers about the surf conditions. >> some people went out there and got some beer in the face but they got out okay. >> reporter: their coast guards made 70 saves rescuing penal -- rescuing people out of the water this year alone. investigators will investigate what happened in this case. >>> we're back on storm watch tonight after a dry day yesterday. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see the rain has already moved back in leaving rain drops on our camera and dampening the roadway on the golden gate bridge. we want to check in with mark tamayo. rain is spreading out beyond the bay area. >> the storm is approaching, just be extra careful once
. >> they don't keep you in the icu because things are going. we hope the treatments will turn things around. >> he originally went to the hospital more than a month ago with a bronchitis,-like cough. know eale walker is live in san francisco and trains running on time. >> reporter: ken a train just pulled into a station here right on time with the evening community. but they where are central balling earlier to fix a glib that derailed the morning community. when a train is coming, there's nothing to do but wait for it to pass. this morning passengers were just waiting for it to arrive. >> there was a problem with our switches that allowed the trains to move out onto the tracks. to respond to that we had to send out signal maintainers to physically move the switchers back and forth to allow the trains o operate. >> trains waited for clearance for over 1 hour and 45 minutes. left people waiting in the rain. >> one, two, three, four. i had no idea what was happening. nobody. >> reporter: how long did can you have to wait? >> maybe one hour. >> reporter: the problem started at 5:00 a.m. the tw
. it was the fourth straight day of losses. >> i don't know there's a word to describe how -- the public is going to be. >> why california is going to take an extra hit if we go over the fiscal cliff. >>> new at 10:00, a man was critically wounded at a shooting in an east b.a.r.t. station. it happened this afternoon at the bay point station. service was interrupted for some time while police searched if station but they did not turn up a suspect. the victim only described as a male was taken to the hospital with what is being called serious injuries. >>> 1,170 people were arrested for dui statewide compared to 1,080 in 1990. in the bay area 165 people have been arrested for dui and there have been three fatal collisions. last year there were 188 arrests and no fatalities. >>> happening now, matt keller is live in fremont where a dui checkpoint is currently on the way. >> this checkpoint has been going on here on fremont boulevard for about an hour. officers are speaking to each driver and handing them a pamphlet. they say there's been nine dui arrests. they rarely make a drunk driving arrests at
>>> one of these secrets you don't have to keep inside anymore. >> speaking out. the victim of sexual abuse in the boy scouts reacts to the files the boy scouts kept hidden that are now reveal. >> more secret files accused of troop abuse come to light. including dozens from the bay area. one man's story of what happened to him during boy scout camp. >> reporter: we're talking about 1200 secret files obtained by "the l.a. times." we dug through the data, and found at least 88 files involving troop leaders right here in this region from santa cruz all the way up to fort bragg. each one detailing allegations of sexual abuse. josh solomon showed us the boy scout uniform he wore. merit badges for learning how to canoe, and cook. each also memories of abuse. >> hard to separate everything out there. >> reporter: one patch marks the camp where it happened. between 1982 and 1983. he says the scout leader would invite solomon into his tent, and sexually molest him. >> he was a leader. you sort of made sure you were doing things his way. he was really gruff. you wanted his approval. >
used as a failure of government. >> i weigh i figure theépñ on vacation, they don't care. >> i don't think that there ever going to come to an agreement. both parties are so far apart, there's no common ground. >> if you make between $50,000 a year, it goes up. if you make 75 to $100, you'll pay $142 per weekly paycheck. most employers will wait and deduct at the current rate but you'll get slammed with higher rates. >> if they're supposed to be public servants and we can't get a compromise and some is with the right ideology. >> it seems like you're not being represented. you have interest that are overriding the people's concerns and i think that's an example of what happens in congress. >> the tax policy centers say the lowest income folks will see their take home paycheck shrink by 3.5% and average 4% and top earn ers about 6% but that says nothing of lost deductions or other unknowns such as recession driven pay cuts and decreased economic decrease. americans on unemployed benefits, they get cut off january 1st. tom, ktu channel 2 news >>> americans are buying new homes. the c
, another driver rear ended his cruiser. >> no actually i don't think it's weather related i think it's speed related i think it's folks needing to pay attention. >> the officer involved was taken to the hospital to be checked out there were no other injuries reported. >>> our storm coverage continues online just visit there you can find our storm tracker 2 radar. just look under the storm watch tab on the home page. >>> the holiday weekend is in full swing and the dui numbers are not good. the special teams being deployed to try to keep the streets safe. >> look, a gun is a tool. >> the head of the national rifle association defends his controversial proposal to put armed guards at schools. plus the surprising >>> rain pounded the pavement in oakland this afternoon and flowed swiftly to storm drains across the city. a drench that had many people running to their cars today. >>> the storm has both forced fremont police to -- cancel a dui checkpoint instead those officers will be out on the roads looking for drunk drivers. >> reporter: as if the pouring rain and wet roads we
surprised. >> it's something i don't think about happening. >> i think that it's very sad. it's such a shame. i really feel bad for him and his family. >> reporter: others say it's the chance you take sporting in the sierra. >> i skied right past it so you know that's what the best mountain was the best terrain. but are there risks? >> accidents happen, you never know when something is going to go wrong, when someone is going to go missing. >> reporter: the danger isn't over the sierra avalanche center says there's a big chance skiers and snow borders would trigger more avalanches in the coming days. claire doan. >>> a member of the alpines meadow professional ski patrol is missing after been caught in an avalanche. it was triggered by another member of the ski patrol. the blast turned out to be greater than expected and a patroller was buried in the falling snow. he was recovered a short time later and air lifted to the hospital. the area tonight has been closed off to the public. >>> authorities have released the name of the dui suspect accused of killing a grandmother in a hit-and-run cr
and the reservoir don't need rain to overflow. the santa clara water district is releasing water from the reservoirs to try to prevent flooding. some people today can not believe the sudden change. >> it was very low. and, in these past two storms we had it really rose quickly. it is full. going over the spill way now. >> does it surprise you? >> yes. i am surprised. i am always surprised by how much water comes out of the hills and keeps seeping into the reservoir. >> reporter: the water district does not expect flooding from the up coming rain but cautious any way. >> we did go ahead and notify downstream residents that the reservoir was going to spill because there could be a potential for downstream flooding. >> many hillside and mountain top communities are concern canned about rain and also snow. people here along mount hamilton road have seen some snow this past week. but more concerned how snow lovers might react. >> when it snows a lot and everyone comes up from san jose to play in the snow, there is no way to prevent people from accidently, you know, driving off of the road. >> local agen
, not intentional in terms of how we secure embassies in areas where you essentially don't have governments that have a lot of capacity to protect those embassies. >> reporter: on 9/11 this year, terrorists ambushed and killed the u.s. ambassador to libya. >>> at least 40 pilgrims were on the bus headed to iran to perform religious rites. a sunni group claimed responsibility for the attack. >>> in delhi people gathered to protest the death of a 23-year- old victim. her body was returned to india from singapore. six men have been charged with murder. police say the men could face the death penalty if convicted. >>> and in columbia a desperate search is under way for at least 25 people who are believed to be buried under a mud slide. the slide came crashing down yesterday on the road killing five people. at least six cars are thought to be buried under tons of mud and rocks. hundreds of firefighters, paramedics and army troops have been sent to help the operation. >>> a surfer had a story to tell tonight. this is what denny shiters board looked look after he said he heard something hit him.
, they came prepared with a strategy to beat the crowd. >> get here early, don't be stressed oushths take our time and enjoy. >> another reason to give yourself some extra time is it might take a little while to find parking at san francisco international airport. the duty manager says the main long-term parking garage is full, but there is still parking available in the airport's two domestic garages and the one at the international terminal. at sfo, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now, to highway 84 where a head-on collision snarled traffic just after 4:00 this afternoon. the california highway patrol says multiple vehicles were involved in the accident. it happened on 84 near interstate 680. news chopper 2 video shows the long backup. there are reports of injuries but how many remains unclear. the highway reopened shortly after 5:00. >>> an avalanche killed a snow border at donner ski ranch today. search teams recovered the body of a 50-year-old man but they have not released a name. the resort's operations director says the avenue lafrmg occurred in bounds and was set off at about 9:30 this morn
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